Caring for your precious gems is achievable and easy. It is not a must for you to have expensive products or high-tech equipment to keep the jewelry pieces safe. This basic knowledge on gemstone jewelry care will save you a lot of trouble. Contrary to what we know, gems can’t last forever, especially when you don’t
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Some things in life are meant to last forever, your marriage, your engagement ring, that carton of baking soda that has been sitting in your fridge for years doing whatever it is that baking soda in the fridge is supposed to do. When it comes to something as important, special, and meaningful as picking out
Choosing the right colour of gold for your wedding band really comes down to personal preference. The winner of this tug of war between white gold versus yellow gold often depends on several factors from the colour preference of the person who wears it to the durability of the metal. The difference between white gold
Many grooms do feel they have to splash out on the traditional sparkler when it comes to popping the question, but the modern custom for diamond rings that cost three months’ salary was actually only introduced as a marketing campaign by acclaimed jeweller, De Beers back in the 1930s. And it stuck! But you don’t have to follow
Wearing Jewellery: Don’t wear your jewellery during task: While performing manual task it is advised to remove your jewellery, to prevent physical damage or exposure to harsh chemicals. Some of the common task that should be avoided while wearing jewellery includes kitchen work, gardening, cleaning of the house & other common tasks. Put on the
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Pearls have been among the most valued gems in the world. Symbolizing purity and Chasity, they’ve not only been If you’re in the habit of buying pearls, your most fundamental question when buying from an unknown dealer would probably be “Is this a genuine pearl?”. With a huge variety of pearls available in the market