“So what style of jewellery would you like?” “errrrr………something nice…..I guess, western maybe?!…” If you’ve found yourself lost for words when it came to describing styles in fashion, specifically in jewellery, here’s where you could get acquainted with style terminology and what they really mean… All it takes is a few key observations! ‘Classic’… Would
Those born in June are sociable, humourous, and talkative. Born under the zodiac Gemini, June borns often exhibit childlike traits and are cheerful, restless, and full of life. They are very intelligent and are extremely inquisitive in nature. And just as a child is both soothed and intrigued by the silvery hues of the moon,

Royal Rubies

The glowing ruby shall adorn, Those who in July are born; Then they’ll be exempt and free From love’s doubts and anxiety. Rubies are pink to blood-red coloured gemstones composed of the mineral corundum (aluminium oxide). The red colour is caused mainly by the presence of chromium. Ruby gets its name from ruber, which is
The face is the first thing that an onlooker’s eyes are drawn to. It is hence vital to ensure that you make the most of it to ensure that one’s gaze is always unwittingly drawn to it. The way you look is impacted greatly not only by your face, but also by your hairstyle and
We present to you,in no particular order,the 10 jewellery based facts that we found most intriguing…   1)      The word diamond comes from the Greek work ‘adamant’ – which means steadfast or invincible.     2)The tradition of borrowing expensive jewels from high end brands to wear to The Oscars began back in 1944 when
Metals play a critical role in the creation of contemporary jewelry by affecting appearance, durability and cost. With such a dramatic impact, it’s important that anyone interested in wearing or purchasing jewelry develop a basic understanding of the metallurgy as it relates to jewelry. In an effort to give you a sound foundation, let’s review
Found and appreciated around the world, colorful and sparkling cut gemstones share a universal appeal. The inherent allure of gemstone jewelry, with its myriad color and style combinations, is its ability to create, capture or reflect personal style. Gemstone Jewelry History Featuring gemstones in jewelry dates back thousands and thousands of years. Gemstones and gemstone
  It’s probably the most significant piece of jewellery you’ll ever buy and the options can be overwhelming – we explain everything you need to know about choosing the perfect engagement ring. Brush up on the basics… To avoid being bamboozled by jargon when hunting for engagement rings, read up on the “four Cs” – the
  The change of seasons and cooling of the air has us dreaming of rich hues and warm golds. During the Georgian and Victorian eras gold was king in jewelry and other ornamentation. Worn with richly hued fabrics like silks and velvets. Gold during the Georgian and Victorian eras was set with diamonds, turquoise, rubies,
  Typically, men don’t enjoy the idea of wedding planning. However, some men do. If you are anyhow convinced for the wedding planning stuff and need some helpful advice, this post has got you covered. Instead of first buying an engagement ring and then looking for a wedding ring or wedding set before the big