When you look at necklaces, you will most likely think of something simple, and easy to wear. Yes, most are in fact simple, and easy to utilize moving forward. However, there are times when you want to be bold and showcase greatness that you end up with a seriously positive piece of jewelry. That’s where
A gift of love from one heart to another- this can be best quote to describe pendants. A piece of jewellery that is finely designed to hang close to the heart is not merely a symbol of eternal love, but also of the respect, care and the admiration for the important woman of your life.
Engagement Rings today are a lot more versatile and are often used to convey a couple’s own unique story. This has led to the rise of colored gemstones being used in engagement rings in place of the traditional diamond. One of the most popular choices today are emerald engagement rings. Emeralds are May’s birthstone and
There’s nothing more dazzling or classic than a diamond bracelet. They go with anything, from casual athletic wear to the slinkiest little black dress. A single strand of diamonds encircles the wrist like nothing else—it’s an essential accessory that evokes modern simplicity and mid-century opulence all in one. A diamond bracelet is a treasure you
Gemstones are fascinating creations. They are (usually) naturally occurring and are beautiful works of art in nature. Here are 10 gemstone fun facts: Garnet was named after the seeds of a pomegranate. Amber is the softest gemstone; diamond is the hardest. The largest diamond found in the United States, to date, is known as the
Usually, when you get a new ring, it is perfectly round, but if you take a look at it after some time, you might be surprised to see that its shape has changed a bit. While this doesn’t happen to all rings, many of them bend with time. Why does this happen, and how can
TEFAF, one of the world’s largest fairs of art, antiques and design takes place every year in Maastricht. Between 10-19 March, it  will be bringing together the best art critics and collectors from around the globe to see and purchase works of fine art sourced from over 60 countries. Medieval manuscripts, maps, coins, silverware, porcelain,
  Diamonds are the traditional choice for engagement rings. Classic and timeless, they are the most popular kind of center gem, as well as the most durable and lasting. ROUND DIAMONDS When selecting a diamond, your first priority is usually to choose a shape. If you’re unsure of what shape to choose, it may be
Sterling silver jewelry is an affordable and durable alternative to pure silver jewelry. It is also a practical choice for white gold without the price tag. Sterling silver contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals such as nickel or copper. This combination gives the silver better shape, sparkle, and strength. In recent years, silver jewelry