Gemstones are not just subject to ornament your look but they are a boon to attract good luck and prosperity. Jewels are regarded also for their connection to divinity in almost all cultures regardless its ages, race or ethnicity. Right from ancient Greek Romans to new age energy healers have been using stones to modify
It is no more a surprise if we say Micro Pave Jewellery has become a range among jewellery lovers. You know it very well that pave jewellery style has reached to a popularity level that could equal to any other type of jewellery technique. From young fashionistas to grown-up divas, everyone is getting attracted to
Amitabh Bachchan, the angry young man of Bollywood cinema & star of the millennium, is no less than a Heera on his own. The actor who gained popularity in the early 1970s has since become one of the most prominent figures in the history of India. The legend, Amitabh Bachchan, has won 4 National awards
As of late we have been loving alternatives to the traditional classic colorless center diamond. Traditionally, clients will come to us requesting white diamonds that are of J color and above. This way the diamond does not have any yellow undertone to it and looks white. However, there is another breed of technically white diamonds that
When it comes to investing in a diamond necklace, there is no limit to the reasons you may have. It’s all about appreciating that special woman in your life, no matter who that is. There are some designs and styles that are more popular than others, but the diamond necklace is definitely a staple in
Bracelets are not just a piece made with some expensive metals and gems. It makes your personality, particularly if you love to reveal your manicured hand’s beauty. Simply a bracelet is considered good if it matches with your dressing sense without losing its grace, attraction. You can energize your bracelet with the sacred powers of
Bollywood, a hub of dreams and aspirations for every individual. Every time you will notice people trying to copy the style presented or delivered in Bollywood cinema. Whether it is the dressing style, way of talking or any other aspect of life we always try to imitate the celebrities. The kind of jewellery shown in
Jewellery trends vouch about the fascinating journey of gold in Indian history and for Indian women gold ornaments are much more than to be worn as and when the event or atmosphere demands. It is very much evident that Gold jewellery is a permanent component of Indian culture and value system.   Indian ethos is
Who doesn’t want to rejuvenate life, especially in this fast-pace world where we hardly have time to do something for us? Nowadays, despite having sufficient money and sources, we somehow feel lack in enjoying our life to fullest. What if we say you can bring the spark back in your life and can lead a
Many of you have heard… “Roses are red, violets are blue…” You have tried to remember and sing this beautiful poem also however these lines are contradictory with standards of gemstone industry. Here little birds sing, stones are red… stones are blue… but did you know how many stones are truly red? If not, let’s
Sapphires have once again become an increasingly popular center stone choice for engagement rings and even right hand rings. we love the look of these colorful stones which add a lot of character to an otherwise ordinary ring. To give you some context, sapphires are a precious gem stone along with rubies, emeralds, and diamonds.
A diamond is the heart of engagement rings. When you shop for an engagement ring featuring shimmering diamonds, you love to buy a larger size stone to wear an irresistible persona. Surprisingly, every time you are offered ring highlighting larger size diamonds which are not actually, instead they are designed to look bigger, do you