A beautiful gemstone is more than just a wearable accessory: Some believe they can impart wearers with health benefits, too. Those who swear by the healing power of gemstones have experienced fewer headaches, lower stress levels and deeper, more restful sleep. It’s not as easy as slipping on a piece of jewelry and waiting to feel better, though.
Learning to how to store jewelry is essential. For one thing, fragile metals and stones need to be protected. For another, neatly storing everything makes it much easier to remember what you own and quickly find it when you need it. And as anyone who’s ever crawled across the floor in search of an earring
Has gold and other jewelry ever left greenish or black marks on your skin? It’s happened to most of us at least once or twice. Even though some people are allergic to certain materials, most staining isn’t caused by an allergy – it’s a reaction between our skin and the metals used in jewelry, especially
Antique jewels can compel one to take a deep dive into the rich folklore attached to their existence. Also, their striking rustic vintage charm and vivid colours are enough to grip one’s attention and never let go of it. Below are a few antique Indian jewelry styles that are still very popular: 1. Tarakashi: This