When we say something is gold, it usually depicts the absolute, the glorious, and the essential. Gold is gold, and from the naked eye, we see it as a symbol of success and luxury. But some golds are only half gold and pure gold doesn’t really exist. This is where 10k, 14k, and 18k yellow gold
Gold and platinum are the two most commonly used metals for engagement and wedding rings. Both metals are unique, yet similar in several ways. Let’s look at how gold and platinum compare in appearance, cost, durability, and comfort. Gold vs Platinum Appearance The main distinguishing physical characteristic between gold and platinum is color. While platinum
For centuries, jewellery has been an integral part of human adornment, especially for women, and with growing times and changing mindsets; even men have joined the bandwagon. Of all jewellery, preparations made of gold and silver have always had a huge demand. Diamonds might be a woman’s best friend, but gold is the answer to
Born this time of the year? April baby maybe? You are the brightest of all, you have DIAMOND as your birthstone. So if you were born in the month of April, you can consider Diamonds as birthstone and wear diamonds to get favourable outcomes. Through this post, we will try and explore the little known
Why is it that women are so in love with diamonds? While our man swoons over his latest lawnmower, we just wanna know where our diamond ring is! Basically, diamonds are the best. They’re better than all the rest. They’re better than pearls, rubies – any stone or gem you can think of. None are