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Many market observers have compared gold and bitcoin. Both of these have proved helpful to investors, and both have been harnessed as a speculative investment at some points and a safe-haven asset at others. While some analysts have compared these two, bitcoin and gold have important differences. These range from something as simple as tenure
The auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa is just around the corner. As per Hindu mythology, buying gold is considered auspicious on occasions like Gudi Padwa, Akshaya Tritiya, Diwali etc. However, buying gold coins are the right buy this Gudi Padwa. Here are the 4 reasons why gold coins make more sense than gold jewellery –
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Here are the common myths of your favourite precious gems & jewellery straightened out. Gold 1. The best way to tell if a piece of gold is real is by biting it. While this method can work in some cases, in some they won’t. The purer the gold is, the softer it will be. Since lead is
A beautiful gemstone is more than just a wearable accessory: Some believe they can impart wearers with health benefits, too. Those who swear by the healing power of gemstones have experienced fewer headaches, lower stress levels and deeper, more restful sleep. It’s not as easy as slipping on a piece of jewelry and waiting to feel better, though.
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