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2017 arrived, and Pantone, an American organization and a recognised expert in the field of colour reproduction, announced its new colour of the year. According to its experts, the colour most popular in design, fashion and other products this year will be Greenery – a fresh green corresponding to palette number 15-0343. The Pantone Institute
MEENAKARI: The Azures of Heaven The ‘Meenakari’ literally meaning the azure color of heaven is originally from Persia. Brought by Mongols to India, the amalgamation of Indian craftsmanship and Persian artistic skills gave birth to meenakari in India. The precious stones are enameled with gold, which is the highlight in this type of jewellery. The
To look beautiful and to wear Jewellery is an innate desire of a woman. To look beautiful and to wear Jewellery is an innate desire of a woman. Jewellery is, in fact, ancient love of a woman. Women wore jewellery since old civilization as in Sindhu, Mesopotamia and Egyptian civilization. Be it an assortment of
What is a Palladium Jewelry Palladium Jewelry has been gaining popularity among jewelry designers for quite some time now. It is also a popular choice for people who are looking for a jewelry that is similar to a platinum, but more affordable. Before you go out and buy a palladium piece for yourself, read this
The way a necklace attaches is not as straight forward as you would think.  There are actually a ton of different clasps to connect your jewelry.  Here are 13 different types of necklace clasps.  Each has its different features to fit different specific needs. How could there possibly be that many? Read on to find
I am sure you will agree that it is impossible to witness in any other season the wide variety of bright colours prominent in summer. Mother Nature paints everything around us in extraordinary colours and embellishes the Earth with millions of beautiful flowers, just like women adorn themselves with jewels. For as long as the
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