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Jewellery & Gemstone Blog

curated by Nikita Jewellers

If you would like to enjoy the true beauty of your gemstone for a longer period of time, cleaning and gemstone care is undoubtedly important. While some of colorful gems require little attention, many demand significantly more due to their natural characteristics. We’ve put together a guide for you to understand the durability, toughness and stability

Sapphire Secrets

15 September 2017 by
Sapphire is one of the most charming and precious in the world gemstones. Its value depends on the mine because the stone home ground bears the minerals with their unique traits – so-called secrets. So, what are they? Let’s distill all of them! The secrets of color he price of a sapphire is affected by
There is something magical about a quintessential autumn wedding. The misty weather and the carpet of flowers formed due to the recent fall lighten up the ambience as love lingers through the air. Apart from getting all teary-eyed about your best friend tying the knot and embarking on an eternal journey of true love, weddings
A gem that has a spot at the top, amongst the three most precious gems known to man, is the Emerald and it has been mined since ancient times. Cleopatra the spirited and smart, Queen of Egypt, a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty (69-30 B.C.), was known to have a passion for these lush and magnificent gems.
The elephant headed Hindu Deity of all great beginnings, the son of Shiva and Parvati is not just prayed to, by the Indian believers but is also a favourite of kids. On Ganesh Chaturthi, let’s delve into the significance of his idol. 1) His Big Head- Think Big 2) Small Eyes- Concentrate 3) Tusk – Retain good and throw away the
Your most beloved ring does not fit anymore! No need to worry; resizing your ring is possible.There are several reasons to resize a ring. One may want to resize their rings so that they can wear it on another finger or there may be a need to resize a ring due to weight gain or
The opal has a rich and mysterious history behind it. Many people revere this powerful gem… some are even afraid of its amazing virtues. The pale milky opal often has a flash of colors within it; some of the prettiest opals actually have sparkling flecks and multicolored facets that can show every color of the
It’s all about gems, baby The positive effects of wearing gemstones aren’t hidden from everyone. Their power is said to immensely effect those who really believe in them. Different gemstones have different effects on different people. The changes that happen after wearing stones take time to happen, usually you have to wait for at least
It’s time that you let go of those single white diamond engagement rings, and welcome the all new and up-to-the-minute designs which have been catching the eyeballs of many fashionistas over there. In fact if you have had a look at the celebrity engagement rings, you must know that a plain diamond embedded in white gold isn’t
India- the land of colorful festivals and celebrations. In India every region and religion has something to celebrate; these festivals reflect the lifestyles of people. Every festival is centered around celebrations, decorations, prayers and festive shopping. Although there is no specific time or month as the festive season which can be separately categorized but the

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