It is no more a surprise if we say Micro Pave Jewellery has become a range among jewellery lovers. You know it very well that pave jewellery style has reached to a popularity level that could equal to any other type of jewellery technique. From young fashionistas to grown-up divas, everyone is getting attracted to
As of late we have been loving alternatives to the traditional classic colorless center diamond. Traditionally, clients will come to us requesting white diamonds that are of J color and above. This way the diamond does not have any yellow undertone to it and looks white. However, there is another breed of technically white diamonds that
Engagement Rings today are a lot more versatile and are often used to convey a couple’s own unique story. This has led to the rise of colored gemstones being used in engagement rings in place of the traditional diamond. One of the most popular choices today are emerald engagement rings. Emeralds are May’s birthstone and