Gemstone absorbs cosmic energies emitted by cosmos in abundant quantity. It is believed that there are numerous gemstones such as sapphire, emerald and ruby available that are attached with planets and have potential to posses their divine forces. And they use these forces to impact the lives of those who wear these stones. People in
Astrological Benefits of Emerald or Panna Gemstone: Wearing gems can help improve wealth, health, life longevity, power, personality and confidence. Gems are believed to contain certain minerals which influence the energy around the person thus restoring the balance of life and improve any deficiency if it is present. Emerald is also one of the gems
If you would like to enjoy the true beauty of your gemstone for a longer period of time, cleaning and gemstone care is undoubtedly important. While some of colorful gems require little attention, many demand significantly more due to their natural characteristics. We’ve put together a guide for you to understand the durability, toughness and stability
A gem that has a spot at the top, amongst the three most precious gems known to man, is the Emerald and it has been mined since ancient times. Cleopatra the spirited and smart, Queen of Egypt, a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty (69-30 B.C.), was known to have a passion for these lush and magnificent gems.
Who doesn’t want to rejuvenate life, especially in this fast-pace world where we hardly have time to do something for us? Nowadays, despite having sufficient money and sources, we somehow feel lack in enjoying our life to fullest. What if we say you can bring the spark back in your life and can lead a
Found and appreciated around the world, colorful and sparkling cut gemstones share a universal appeal. The inherent allure of gemstone jewelry, with its myriad color and style combinations, is its ability to create, capture or reflect personal style. Gemstone Jewelry History Featuring gemstones in jewelry dates back thousands and thousands of years. Gemstones and gemstone