Jewellery well taken care of would come for a lifetime. All they need is little extra care and little time to keep them bright and lustrous always.   I remember my Mother asking to take care of my jewelry when I was in my college days. But I never took her words seriously, I
1. Pearl Necklace     A pearl necklace is a classic and will never go out of style. Every stylish woman in history, including style icon Audrey Hepburn and royalty Duchess of Cambridge, Katherine, are in love with this classic jewelry piece. We can’t blame them, a pearl necklace is a versatile piece that will
Humans have always loved decorating themselves. And the more scientists find out about our distant ancestors, the more interested in art and body decoration they seem to have been. Here are some fascinating facts about jewellery from around the world, just for fun! 10 fascinating jewellery facts What is the oldest known jewellery ever found ?