Tip 1 Gold and platinum are counted as neutral metals. It means they need less of care and attention. But gold jewellery is prone to catching dust and dirt quickly when kept in humid environs. So, as a part of jewel care tips for monsoon, use warm soapy water to clean your ornaments. Tip 2
Today we are tackling jewellery organization. Your precious jewellery often ends up lying around everywhere, tangled up in a mess or misplaced. Unfortunately, those statement necklaces and chunky bracelets don’t always fit in standard jewellery boxes. This means we need to get creative with storage ideas. Here are some ways to organize your jewellery and put
Learning to how to store jewelry is essential. For one thing, fragile metals and stones need to be protected. For another, neatly storing everything makes it much easier to remember what you own and quickly find it when you need it. And as anyone who’s ever crawled across the floor in search of an earring
Has gold and other jewelry ever left greenish or black marks on your skin? It’s happened to most of us at least once or twice. Even though some people are allergic to certain materials, most staining isn’t caused by an allergy – it’s a reaction between our skin and the metals used in jewelry, especially
The historical background of Indian jewelry takes us back to the history of the country itself as both are almost equally old. It was around 5000 years ago when the curiosity to beautify themselves by adorning some jewelry pieces arouse in people. Since the beginning of the journey, the charm of jewelry and the beauty
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Are you excited for the first evening date or the second or you don’t remember which one it would be? Well, girls are girls. Be it their first date or tenth, she desperately wants to look her best so that she can woo her man. In fact, no matter how old she is, when it
How would you feel if you get a personalized gift imprinted your name and the occasion of celebration. Obviously it will be a memorable moment for you so why don’t you try the idea for personalized gift for someone you love the most. The personalized gift idea is more special if the receiver is a
Jewellery can be a style statement or a simple addition that goes well with your outfit- well it mainly depends on how you wear them. A sense of style should develop gradually with the current fashionable trends that suit nicely with your personality, looks and lifestyles. The basic criteria, where pretty jewellery is concerned, are
Sonam Kapoor may be one such actress who has always ruled the chart when it comes to fashion, all due to her quirky styling, but her contemporary Deepika Padukone is also not far behind. Presently, it is Bangalorean beauty Deepika, who is ruling the hearts of not only movie buffs, but even the style divas,
Not a single girl will oppose you when you offer her a diamond, not an actress too. Even we hear words like “Big girls need big diamonds” or “I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number of carats in a diamond” from the actress like Elizabeth Taylor and Mae
Monsoon is on its way and we are all set to welcome the breezy-fizzy weather bringing out all necessary items back from our wardrobe. From colorful raincoats and umbrellas to waterproof makeup and accessories, we have short listed those chic items that push our femininity to next level and will keep our style statement as
The biggest, brightest and hottest trend of current fashion industry is pairing desi jewellery designs with exotic western dresses. From Hollywood to Bollywood and so many other International red carpets and global events, celebrities have been seen teaming Indian jewellery designs with modern chic dresses. Indian actresses like Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, recently