Bollywood, a hub of dreams and aspirations for every individual. Every time you will notice people trying to copy the style presented or delivered in Bollywood cinema. Whether it is the dressing style, way of talking or any other aspect of life we always try to imitate the celebrities. The kind of jewellery shown in
Found and appreciated around the world, colorful and sparkling cut gemstones share a universal appeal. The inherent allure of gemstone jewelry, with its myriad color and style combinations, is its ability to create, capture or reflect personal style. Gemstone Jewelry History Featuring gemstones in jewelry dates back thousands and thousands of years. Gemstones and gemstone
  It’s probably the most significant piece of jewellery you’ll ever buy and the options can be overwhelming – we explain everything you need to know about choosing the perfect engagement ring. Brush up on the basics… To avoid being bamboozled by jargon when hunting for engagement rings, read up on the “four Cs” – the
Do you plan on popping the question soon? Before you get down on that bended knee, you need a ring. It’s very easy to make a costly mistake when buying jewelry.Diamond engagement rings are incredibly expensive and with an economy that keeps fluctuating, most people don’t have enough money to spend engagement rings. But here is
Wearing Jewellery: Don’t wear your jewellery during task: While performing manual task it is advised to remove your jewellery, to prevent physical damage or exposure to harsh chemicals. Some of the common task that should be avoided while wearing jewellery includes kitchen work, gardening, cleaning of the house & other common tasks. Put on the
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