Life is a gift that should be shared with others. It is more important to be inspired by the people you meet and the world around you rather than just being fashion-forward. Lets face it; a woman’s confidence and individuality are her best accessories. When purchasing jewelry invest in unique pieces that will make you
Our jewelry is important to us. We pay good amounts of money for our jewelry and over time, they don’t shine the way that they used to.We want them to look like they did when they were new! Now, you can easily clean them at home with these household products Ketchup will polish your tarnished
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Shoppers who have a basic understanding of earring styles and face shapes will be able to buy the perfect earrings for every face shape. When shopping for earrings, remember that the suggested style for each face shape may not work for some individuals. Remember to place emphasis on the overall shape of an earring instead
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Jewellery is always a beautiful idea for any occasion and adds shine and glamour to your wardrobe instantly. However, we have discovered a few jewellery designs on the internet which are anything but beautiful, amusing though. Here you go – Entrap the ghost around your neck to scare the evil. Let the black widow spider leave
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Believe it or not, we all get influenced with Bollywood. So much so, that our fashion is often in sync with what we see on the silver screen. And Bollywood is all about that extra bling. When it comes to jewellery, we are simply overwhelmed with options where our favourite celebs wear the best of
What you may know about diamonds is that it is a precious stone and adorning one on yourself just amplifies your beauty by about a hundred times. But there are some wacky lesser known facts about diamonds that will have you falling off the chair faster than you can say “diamond”! Some common facts about
Sapphires is a unique blue gemstone that everyone adores encrusted in their jewellery. It stands out in any piece that is designed and it catches everyone’s attention, without a hint of doubt!
Gifts are always the best way to express your love and gratitude. And what better than jewellery? They are an expression of emotions without words and in a rather better, more meaningful way. But choosing the right gift for your partner or your long time buddy can become a mighty task. Read this post & take