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Opal – 4.91 carat from Australia


Gemstone: Opal
Composition: Natural
Treatments: N/A
Shape: Cushion
Type: Loose Gemstone
Origin: N/A
Carat: 4.91
Ratti: 4.4681
  • *Certification:


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Opal gemstone is a rare gem with different shining properties in different colors like red, green, yellow, blue etc. The name “Opal” is derived from the Sanskrit Word “Upala” that means precious stone.Romans used the “ophtalmos” stone eyes,as a panacea against ocular diseases.

Opal gemstone is said to be the gem for those working globally,e.g. in the business of export-import,travel,tourism and navigation.Opal is the stone said to be powerful mean to gain extra sexual power. In astrology, Venus represents beauty, charm,marriage, love, romance, dating ,progeny,acting, modeling, artistic skills.Opal stone is basically worn to appease the planet of love i.e venus.Opal is a final solution for all love and marriage related matters.Opal can also help you a lot in terms of career and health related issues.
No other gemstone can compare to the opal. Beauty of precious opal (or rock) has the depth and infinite variety of colors. A thorough study of precious opals reveals that they are composed of “spheres” or “grain”. When an opal rotates in all directions,all the colors will change themselves.This is what is called the “play of color” and it is this property of changing colors that gives opals their special appeal.


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